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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

All things Book 6!

7/19/05 02:11 pm - facetheworld

I think we should agree to post all spoilers under a cut for awhile? I've read some on my flist and luckily enough I finished the book Saturday night, but yeah.

7/14/05 06:15 pm - still_standing7

Join  hp_lumos its a community for harry potter fans like yourselves!

7/9/05 03:06 pm - chimneysmoke - WORD CHOICE - day two

Spoilers = through OotP. Read at your discretion.

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chimneysmoke - half blood prince - day two - 'word choice'Collapse )

x-posted, forgive a girl, would ya?

7/9/05 01:51 am - chimneysmoke - STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH - day one

This is a list of JKR or JKR verified quotes and figures, questions answered, compiled into helpful categories about HBP specifically. I will be posting a theory-a-day (in theory :)) today being the "facts". Since these are from JKR (c/o TLC), you know they're true. Theories to come (which will be posted here for discussion) include- "Canon, fanon, what?" "Word choice" "The movies as a tool" &"Hogwarts; a future". Enjoy!

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chimneysmoke - half blood prince - day one - 'straight from the horse's mouth'Collapse )

x-posted, forgive a girl, will you?

6/27/05 11:49 am - hpfangirl - 18 Days!

As the 16th of July gets closer and closer, I can't help but get more excited.

So, what are you planning to do on that day and the day before?! What have you been doing to prepare?

For me, I've been rereading GoF and OotP. Also, I'll be attending Spellbound 2005 and volunteering there. (Anyone else going?)

Well, I have to get going, but I;d love to hear what you've all been doing!

<3 Katie

6/23/05 09:03 am - corellianjedi

I was thinking about this conversation and I thought maybe I'd post my thoughts because something tells me at least some of you will get this.

Tuesday, I went to my friend Sarah's house. We were having pizza and watching a dvd of a musical she was in, but we spent a lot of time talking about books and fandom and, specifically, Harry Potter. I talk about HP a lot with my friends but it's usually IM and it was nice to talk to someone face to face. I say that because I have no life, i.e. I don't go and "hang out" with my friends, which means I spend a lot of time with my family.

It's good to know that my mother has never read any of the HP books (she can answer almost any trivia question though because I talk about it so much) and my father has only read Philosopher's Stone because he didn't have anything else to read on the plane when he brought the UK copy back to the States for me. My little brother has read - and thoroughly enjoyed - them all, but he's not as big a fan as I am.

All of that lead to the conversation between Sarah and I about how people (for us, parents) just don't understand why we would want to stay up until after midnight in an over crowded and really loud bookstore to get a book.

But if you think like I do, it's not just a book.

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Do you get it?

3/14/05 12:19 am - osnadurtha

The greenish lookin cover of HBP...

Now.. it may not be a pensieve, like others think (although I do like that idea), but perhaps...
it's a way of watching people?
Haven't we noticed that Dumbly seems to KNOW what Harry's doing?

Perhaps it's a way of watching everyone...


3/9/05 08:02 pm - missmarypotter - Yesterday was a good day

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2/23/05 11:27 pm - glitzer

People often wonder about who the Half Blod Prince is. But what I would like to know is what the HBP's importance is. Oh well five more months I guess.

2/23/05 12:27 pm - deeplyunhip

Not sure if promotion is allowed (if not, let me know) but I wanted to tell you all about the community pf_sorting. It's a sorting community, yes, but it's quite different than most as they sort you into House combinations rather than just one house (Ex: Ravendor or Slytherpuff, etc.). Anyway, we need more people so feel free to apply! :)
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